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T.E.S.T =
Transformational Ethical Story Telling

Transformational Ethical Story Telling (TEST) creates safer spaces for Story Holders, empowering them to create, curate & control their Stories on their terms.

TEST is an anti-oppressive framework which aims to flip the Story Telling balance of power, where each person’s rights and needs - regardless of their race, ethnicity, language, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, health, ability, economic status or background – must be respected.

TEST Taster

Learn about the five T.E.S.T. principles with examples of why the framework is necessary to counter exploitative, extractive processes.

As a Story Caretaker you commit to...


Learning from the past as we flip the power  of Story Telling on a collaborative journey to ensure ethical, safe Story Telling now and into the future.


Believing Story Holders must be empowered to create and control their Stories on their own terms.


Recognising that the rights of Story Holders can be threatened by individuals, organisations, institutions and corporations which use their Stories contrary to the wishes

and often to the detriment of Story Holders.


Learning about ethical, safe Story Telling practices to better understand and progress our ethical Story Telling journey.


Respecting Story Holders and their Stories and creating and advancing/implementing ethical, safe, Story Telling practices in our organisation.


Sharing our progress on the TEST journey, wherever appropriate.

Sign the T.E.S.T. Commitment

  • What is the T.E.S.T. Commitment?
    The T.E.S.T. Commitment is a public show of support for safe, ethical Story Telling, which declares that you as an individual or organisation are willing to progress towards applying the T.E.S.T. principles in your Story Telling work.
  • Why sign the T.E.S.T. Commitment?
    By signing the T.E.S.T. Commitment you are committing to review and improve your practices and advocating for others to flip the power of Story Telling too.
  • Who can sign the T.E.S.T. Commitment?
    Individuals and organisations who are genuinely committed to the T.E.S.T. principles.
  • Will you publish the names of individuals and organisations signing the T.E.S.T. Commitment?
    We have a T.E.S.T. Advisory Panel to appraise individuals and organisations who sign the Commitment. The Advisory Panel is made up of persons who apply and practice the T.E.S.T. Principles. We will publish the names of individuals and organisations, unless their association with Our Race may be detrimental to our purpose and principles .
  • I/ We have signed the T.E.S.T. Commitment. What's next?
    Congratulations!! Within three days we will send you the Welcome to T.E.S.T. pack, which includes resources to better understand T.E.S.T., start reviewing your current practices and promote you have signed the T.E.S.T. Commitment.
  • How do I progress along the T.E.S.T. journey?
    Along with appraising the resources in the Welcome to T.E.S.T. pack, book into one of our public Working with Story Holders workshops. Alternatively, contact us to discuss tailoring a workshop for your team or organisation. After participating in this workshop you will be able to begin to review the current state of Story Telling and make improvements, with the option to work towards certification.
  • What is T.E.S.T. Certification?
    We are developing a Certification process for organisations, to independently audit an organisation’s Story Telling practices. This is based on the T.E.S.T. framework, requiring organisations to demonstrate comprehensive safe, ethical Story Telling practices.

Signatories include:

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"Because for too long our stories have been used to tick boxes, for too long we've been asked to tone them down, make ourselves more palatable. We deserve to be heard on our own terms." 

 -Natalia Garcia, Founder & Editor

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