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Power to the Story Holder

Our Race continues to break the cycle of green washing, rainbow washing & other forms of Story washing by revealing & addressing exploitative & extractive practices through a shared commitment to safe, ethical Story Telling.

What is a Story?

A Story is an idea, action, imagination, experience or a combination set of these which are shared with defined or multiple audiences. They come in a variety of mediums and can be short (e.g. a tweet) through to long, extended forms (e.g. a novel - printed literature or film - audio and visual).

A Story can tell raw truths and/or powerful untruths, regularly adding to or challenging the dominant, hegemonic narrative.

A Story can share Culture. A Story can inform. A Story can connect us all.

Did you know that Story Telling can harm people, place and planet?

Historically, Stories have been used to maintain systems of oppression, perpetuating practices which exclude many of our lived experiences. Unsafe, unethical Story Telling occurs even amongst groups with the best of intentions, leading to Story Washing.

Power to the Story Holder

Power to the Story Holder

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  Where can unsafe, unethical Story Telling occur?  

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