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Story Support

We have developed and continue to develop a number of free resources to support Transformational Ethical Story Telling (T.E.S.T.) across all sectors. These are living documents which will continually be updated as we learn more through our ongoing engagement with Story Holders.

T.E.S.T. Principles

Transformational Ethical Story Telling. Here is a guide on how to ensure Story Telling always centres the Story Holder throughout.

Story Holder Guide

Have you been asked to share your Story? Here is a guide for working with Story Partners.


We seek to flip the prevailing power imbalance of our social environment through the development of tools and techniques to enable Story Holders to be the creators and directors of their own Stories thereby deriving the maximum benefit from the process.

We acknowledge and value the strength and example of First Nations’ Story Telling in which our own approach is grounded. Cultural knowledge and safety in practice are honoured and prioritised as the basis of mental health in a diverse environment and creating a more ethical and transformative approach to Story Telling.

We believe in genuine engagement, reflection, critique and continual improvement to move towards restorative justice. We are committed to an anti-racist, intersectional approach, which is informed by an immersive commitment. We aim to create a sustainable, humanistic model which will provide spaces for more voices to be heard without the compromising conditions generally placed on oppressed and marginalised groups.

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