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Collaborative Consulting

Creating safer workplaces and communities is essential for environments where everyone has a sense of belonging and can feel valued.

A common problem with external consultancy services that purport to address these issues is that they tend to rely on management’s point of view and do not sufficiently consult with people impacted by the current systems and processes.

Our collaborative consulting prioritises the experiences of people who are most impacted by standard Australian workplace practices. 

The TEST framework informs all of our collaborative consulting, to ensure transparency, respect for cultural protocols and sensitivities, appropriate collaboration and integrity.

Cultural Audit

We offer cultural audits for organisations who are genuine about improving their workplaces for all staff and the communities they serve.

Community Engagement Strategy

​We work with you to develop a community engagement strategy which centres communities throughout.

TEST Program & Project Design

We assist in reviewing and improving your Story Telling processes across projects and/or portfolios to centre Story Holder's voices.

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Complement your consult with Story Caretaker Workshops

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