"The Refugee Council of Australia has worked for a period of 6 months with the principals of Our Race in the co-presentation of training activities to adults working with a range of cultures. These activities aim to raise the awareness about the experience of people from multicultural backgrounds. 

We have been impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment to the methodology of sharing the lived experience of cultural minorities; with the level of information about multicultural groups and issues presented as part of the training and the interactive ‘open’ nature of the training.

We believe the presentations have the potential to significantly enhance knowledge and change perceptions of ethnically diverse people including persons from a refugee background. 

We look forward to working together with Our Race and wish the organisation every success in the future."


CIMEN FEVZI - Head teacher hsie
marsden high school

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yesterday's presentation was excellent! I'm certain you would have noticed this in the evaluations. Some staff members have already made use of the presentation, relating some of the stories to their classes. I'm really keen to continue our relationship and extend it beyond professional learning with staff. I'd really like to get students involved."


FEDA ABDO - research and communications officer - muslim women's association

"Our Race is doing some fantastic and necessary work in the community. Focussing on establishing and enhancing real connections, and not just ticking boxes, is essential in ensuring that Australian society does more than just ‘tolerate’ one another. Our Race is implementing programs that allow us to understand and appreciate one another, which leads to a more cohesive and socially aware society, and MWA is honoured to have been part of this process."

craig shim - Snr manager training
multicultural development association

"It's been my privilege to have had a professional association with Our Race over the past few years - I have tremendous respect for the work that they do. In addition to their cultural competence and years of experience progressing the multicultural agenda, their genuine passion for social justice is consistently manifested in all their interactions.  Very few people can hold an audience spellbound, and I've been fortunate to have witnessed first-hand Our Race's wonderful ability to influence attitudinal change, time after time."