We tailor a specialised training program which creates a better understanding of our clients, colleagues and communities.

Our passion

We are passionate about living and working in strong, resilient and supportive communities and workplaces. We also believe multiculturalism is our strength and that everyone has a story from the custodians of our land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through to the most recent arrivals by flight or sea.

Recently, however, we have seen changes in our local, national and international landscapes with heightened fear against particular groups leading to greater division and the creation of fractured communities. Our experiences tell us that the source of fear and division is based on ignorance and the best way to combat this is through the sharing of personal narratives to build emotional and social connections.

Our Race has played an integral role in helping me understand about the subtleties of culture present in the office. As a result, I became more culturally aware and had plenty of fun during the process!
— Steven Elachi, Bureau6